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Totally Open Arduino-Compatible Hardware Development

ADABOOT - an ATmega Arduino(tm) compatible bootloader

Since 10/1/2007, all Wulfden Freeduino Kits have been shipping with ADABOOT - an Arduino(R) compatible bootloader based upon the Arduino bootloader. "Lady Ada", Limor Fried, of Adafruit Industries, made numerous corrections and additions to bring us what amounts to being a universal bootloader. Recent revisions by Brian Riley (me) have unified code for the 168, 328, and 644 into a single source code file and a single makefile. It is useable on old, new and homebrew platforms with or without auto-reset capabilities of Arduino-0009 and the Diecimilia (R).

  • Further information on the nature of many of the bootloader code changes are on Lady Ada's website
  • Download - the latest complete source, make, and hex are available here. This file last updated on [an error occurred while processing this directive]