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Totally Open Arduino-Compatible Hardware Development


All Wulfden Freeduino kits (RBFK328, BBB, RBBB, DorkBoard) come with an ATMega328P with Arduino Uno bootloader burned in. "Setup" is nothing more than selecting the Uno as the board type. Typical setup for Arduino IDE version 1.0 would be;

  • Open Arduino
  • select for 'board' "Arduino UNO"
  • select for 'serial port' whatever COMport you are hooked to
  • open a sketch
  • select File-->Upload

Wulfden BBB Freeduino Kits - The FKit, is based upon the Bare Bones Board from Modern Device Company. All Wulfden Freeduino devices are fully Arduino compatible. All programs that run on standard Arduino hardware will run on our Freeduino boards

Wulfden chose the Modern Device design as one of its Arduino offerings because we feel it is a superior platform. By separating the programming circuitry from the processor board, our Freeduino (Arduino compatible) products give more bang for your processing buck. A Wulfden Freeduino Kit and an FTDI cable sells for just about exactly the price for which a mainstream Arduino (R) board sells. BUT, a second Arduino board will cost exactly the same, while a second FKit sells for less than half the price of another Arduino board, and then you will reuse the FTDI cable. This carries on for all subsequent FKits. Further, the FTDI cable can be very useful for a number of other projects

Experimenters will find that the layout of the BBB/RBBB boards provides them with more flexibility and allows simple and easy interfacing to breadboards and commonly available prototyping boards as opposed to being tied to expensive, non-standard shield boards.

  • Despite the Bare-Bones name, the BBB is a full featured Arduino compatible that includes all the functionality of the Arduino Diecimila. The latest revision even includes some analog noise-reduction features not found on other Arduino boards. The Breadboard-friendly options on the BBB are also not found on other Arduino boards.
  • Auto-reset and Diecimila bootloader for "one-click" downloads and faster times to get to the sketch. Software chip resets.
  • Can use male header pins on bottom to insert directly into solderless breadboards, saving a lot of wiring and fuss.
  • Analog inputs have adjacent +5V and Ground buses to make interfacing sensors easy.
  • Flexible power options USB/External, onboard voltage regulator that can be used with either TO92 or TO220 voltage regulators.
  • Convenient pins to power, (or draw power from) breadboard power buses, a jumpers and shunts allows easy switching between power options.
  • Documentation for the Freeduino Kit - 4.1 MB - it was last updated on Sun, 2008 Feb 10 @ 1835 hours - It assembly instructions, schematics, etc for the Freeduino Kit . Included in the manual is the Modern Device manual for the BBB.
  • Complete documentation for the FKit, RBFK, and the FKit Development Set Manual - 2.5 MB - it was last updated on Sun, 2008 Feb 10 @ 1830 hours - It includes general documentation for the Freeduino Kit as well as the various subparts of the Development set. Included in the FKit manual is the Modern Device manual for the BBB in the Wulfden FKit.
  • Purchasers of the one of the bundles with a display will want to download the manual for the K107 LCD Controller - 2 MB - last updated on Sat, 2012 Jul 07 @ 1337 hours
  • Purchasers of the one of the bundles with a P3 or P4 Serial Programming adapter will want to download the P3/P4 Assembly Manual - 2 MB - last updated on [an error occurred while processing this directive]
  • You are going to need to download the Arduino software, which is a complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE) written in Java and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • Wulfden Freeduino/Sanguino chips ship with the ADABoot loader. While one could fudge a board selection from the list on the Arduino IDE, we now have a customized set of entries that you need to simply append to boards.txt. Download the ADABoot package, unzip the file. The filenames and folder names will guide you as what to do. This will provide complete support for the ATmega 168/328P/644P and can be applied to Arduino-0013 and later

  • If you are using the FTDI USB cable, I strongly suggest visiting the site and downloading the most recent drivers, as of Sept. 2007 the following links are the most recent.

  • If you have a Linux computer, and you have a 2.6 kernel, the driver for the FTDI USB chips is built-in and you are good to go. You can always run uname -a to get the kernel version.
  • The manual for the FTDI USB TTL-232R cable is available for download here.
Bare Bones Board (RevE) pcb only








Wulfden Freeduino Kit (FKit)
Rev E

This is a complete kit for an Arduino compatible using the BBB Rev. E board. It does not include a programming interface, they are available separately.

Qty = 1


Qty = 3


Qty = 5


Qty = 10

Wulfden Freeduino Kit (RevE) with serial programming adapter

This is a complete kit for an Arduino compatible using the BBB Rev. E board and a USB-BUB w/cable or P4 RS232 Programming Adapter




Wulfden Freeduino Kit (Bundles)

This is a complete kit for an Arduino compatible using the BBB Rev.E board and programming adapter plus 830 hole breadboard

FKit(RevE)/P4 Bundle


FKit(RevE)/USB-BUB Bundle


9 vdc/300 ma AC Power Supply - this a like-new "pull" from never used equipment. It was designed to be plugged in 24/7. Has standard 18 ga wire with standard coaxial connector. (Radio Shack Type "M" - 2.1 x 5.5 mm) Perfect match for the BBB board. This price apples only when ordered with a BBB kit or bundle

RBFK Dorkboard RBBB Freeduino BBB