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Totally Open Arduino-Compatible Hardware Development


All Wulfden Freeduino kits (RBFK328, BBB, RBBB, DorkBoard) come with an ATMega328P with Arduino Uno bootloader burned in. "Setup" is nothing more than selecting the Uno as the board type. Typical setup for Arduino IDE version 1.0 would be;

  • Open Arduino
  • select for 'board' "Arduino UNO"
  • select for 'serial port' whatever COMport you are hooked to
  • open a sketch
  • select File-->Upload

DorkBoard Kit Don Davis of Portland OR designed this board as the center piece of his awesome series of presentations, "Cult of Arduino Induction" at DorkBotPDX. The DorkBoard is about as minimalist as you can get and still be on a PCB. This is the ideal carrier board with the reset and resonator in place plus bypass and filtering caps

There is no programming adapter on board.If you have an RS232 serial port available (either legacy or USB-RS232) the P4 RS232-TTL adapter, also offered below. The nice part of this arrangement is that the programming adapter is a one time buy and can be re-used on other boards as opposed to Arduino(tm) boards with USB on every board!

  • There are assembly instructions for the DorkBoard available.
  • You are going to need to download the Arduino software, which is a complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE) written in Java and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • Note - the Digital Pin 13 LED is wired opposite to how Arduino/Freeduino does it. The LED is pulled up to Vcc, thus a logic LOW is neede to light the LED;
    • Arduino -- digitalWrite(13, HIGH) to turn LED ON
    • DorkBoard -- digitalWrite(13, LOW) to turn LED ON
    It's no big deal, but you need to keep it in mind if you want the LED "usually off", for example when blinking Morse code. You'll need to tweak some Arduino examples to get them working with the Dorkboard.
DorkBoard PCB








DorkBoard Kit

Purchase 5 or more kits and get a FREE P4 adapter kit

This is a complete DorkBoard, two resistors, pre-programmed chip, socket, LED, capacitors, 16 MHz resonator and all connectors. You supply mounting and power. Programming adapter is extra.

Qty = 1


Qty = 3


Qty = 5


Qty = 10

DorkBoard Kit w/P4 Programming Adapter

Complete DorkBoard kit with P4 RS232 Programming adapter

DorkBoard Kit (Bundles)

Complete DorkBoard kit bundled with RS232 serial adapter P4, BreadBoard Power Supply and 830 hole breadboard

RBBB/DorkBoard Breakout Shield

From Wicked Devices, a breakout shield that will permit easy interfacing of your design or, as shown here, to an conventional Arduino shield. Layout is identical to Arduino(tm) boards, so all those shields can now be interfaced with the RBBB or DorkBoard effortlessly.

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