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  • The name "Arduino" is a trademark of the Arduino team. The Arduino team has expressed the desire that the name "Arduino" should be used to refer only to products created and supported by the Arduino team; see the Arduino website for more information.

  • Many alternatively produced Arduino items are being created under the name Freeduino. The Wulfden, Modern Device, and Fundemental Logic products listed below are offered as Arduino compatible items. While they are completely supported by both their sellers and manufacturers, they are not specifically authorised Arduino products and are not supported or endorsed by the Arduino team.

  • All Wulfden Freeduino kits (RBFK328, BBB, RBBB, DorkBoard) come with an ATMega328P with Arduino Uno bootloader burned in.

Totally Open Arduino-Compatible Hardware Development

Listed below, in order of ascending complexity are the various Freeduino (fully Arduino(tm) compatible) offerings from Wulfden.Click on any picture for full size renderings and click on the title headings to go a page with more detailed information and ordering forms.

Rock Bottom Freeduino Kit

RBFK328    RBFK644

This is what it says ... it is rock bottom ... simply the barest minimal Arduino compatible kit. It will get you up and running on the Arduino IDE. It contains the cpu chip (with bootloader), appropriate chip socket, crystal, caps, reset switch and pullup resistor. (Basic RBFK does not include P4 programmer, breadboard or power supply shown in pic)

This kit is offered with either the ATmega328P-20PU (a drop in pin-for-pin replacement for the 168), or the ATmega644P-20PU (the Sanguino chip)


From Don Davis out at DorkBotPDX in Portland, OR. This is a minimalist board, useful for skimpy budgets learners and yet makes a great project board easy to interface to other devices

Wulfden RBBB Freeduino Kit

Based upon our collaboration with Paul Badger at Modern Device the RBBB board is bread board oriented, but can be equally easily mated to generic project boards. The kit is offered with a choice of .25A and 1.25A power supply. It is quite useful for development or as a runtime board.

Wulfden BBB Freeduino Kit

Yet another collaboration with Paul Badger at Modern Device, the BBB board is one of the most flexible Arduino solution on the market. It can be configure many ways to suit the user. It can be easily made to connect to breadboards, shield boards, Radio Shack proto boards, etc. The analog ports have multi-pin connectors to supply PWR/GND to sensors

RBFK Dorkboard RBBB Freeduino BBB