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Totally Open Arduino-Compatible Hardware Development

Wulfden Sanguino Kit - Using the honking big brother of the'168, the ATmega644P, a Sanguino board has four times the flash/RAM/EEPROM and an extra hardware serial port. It has almost twice as many digital I/O ports and 8 instead of 6 analog to digital ports. Zack Smith, a.k.a. "Hoeken", has created a good solid board that essentially is an RBBB/Boarduino/iDuino scaled up to take the 40 pin 644P. Wulfden is buying the boards and building up complete kits for sale using the high quality parts you have come to expect from us at a competetive price..

Rock Bottom Sanguino Kit (RBSK) - This kit contains the bare essentials to get a Sanguino chip (ATMega644) up and running on a bread board or a protoboard of your chosing. It is now called the RBFK644 and can now be found on the RBFK Page

Newer versions of Arduino are Sanguino saavy. However if you are tied to an older version of the Arduino IDE and want to adapt it to the Sanguino/ATmega644P, you will want to download the latest complete ADABoot package, about 110 KB, which has the proper additions to boards.txt for ADABoot168/328P/644P. It also has a complete set of bootloaders and core software for Freeduino/Sanguino systems with ADABoot. This file last updated on .

Sanguino Resources - links to various manuals and websites.

  • Several manuals area available, such as the Sanguino Hardware Information
  • Assembly of the kit - Sanguino Build-It
  • For more information go to Zack's Sanguino website.
  • One of my Sanguino customers, Bob Cochran, has written up and photographed his experiences with building and using the Sanguino board. This is a link to Part I of his two part weblog.

Sanguino PCB - End of Life

The supply of Sanguino PCBs has finally dried up. THERE ARE NO MORE SANGUINO PCBS LEFT TO MAKE KITS FOR SALE! If you have an Arduino project that requires an ATmega644P, you might want to look at the Wiring S Board. Wiring is Arduino's Daddy. Several persons whom have taken this suggestion have found that Wiring compiles their Arduino code with little or no changes required.

There have been several price hikes in key items in the Sanguino kits, the biggest hike of all in the price of the ATMEGA644P chip. It has come to my attention that well over 90% of my Sanguino customers make no use of the JTAG connector. This is the bright blue 10 pin (2x5) IDC connector located back near the power supply with a wholesale cost near a dollar. Effective immediately the JTAG connector will no longer be included in the kit. There will be no change in price of the kit. The JTAG connector will be available for an additional $1.00, when purchased with a Sanguino kit.

Sanguino v1.0 Complete Kit

Sanguino Complete Kit, standard pcb, ATmega644P chip with bootloader burned in, and Basic Blink Sketch. all parts, all connectors everything you need except the programming adapter (available below)

Sanguino Kit with serial programming adapter

Complete Sanguino Kit with either RS232 (P4B see below) or USB (BUB w/3ft cable - see below) serial programming adapter,

Sanguino Kit (Bundles)

A complete Sanguino Kit bundled with serial programming adapter (RS232/P4B or USB/BUB), and 2 830 hole breadboards (joined to accomodate the Sanguino board)


Sanguino Kit JTAG Connector

Blue, 10 pin (2x5) IDC Connector - JTAG access to either Sanguino or Sanguino Shield kits.


All done ordering? Be sure to check out shipping surcharges


A USB Serial Programming Adapter. Based on the same chip, the BUB's electrical and software interface is identical to the familiar FTDI TTL-232 cable. Requires USB mini-B cable. Can be readily used for many other projects besides the Sanguino. For detailed info see my Programming Adapter page.

$13 + $2
USB-BUB w/3 ft mini-B cable
$15 + $2


An RS232 Serial Programming Adapter - If you have a computer with a legacy RS232 serial port or a USB/RS232 adapter that supports DTR, this inexpensive RS232/TTL serial adapter will let you upload sketches and send/receive data to the Sanguino using the Arduino IDE. Bob Cochrane has a writeup on using the P4B with the Sanguino.

$5 + $2

9 vdc/300 ma AC Power Supply - this a like-new "pull" from never used equipment. It was designed to be plugged in 24/7. Has standard 18 ga wire with standard coaxial connector. (Radio Shack Type "M" - 2.1 x 5.5 mm) Perfect match for the Sanguino board. This price applies only when ordered with a Sanguino kit or bundles.

$4 + $1
Looking for more? Breadboards, power supplies, sensors, RTCs, memory, audio boards, etc. Check our Accessories page.

All done ordering? Be sure to check out shipping surcharges

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