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Totally Open Arduino-Compatible Hardware Development


New, from Wicked Device out in Ithaca, NY ... a single breakout/protoyping shield that can be used either for the Modern Device RBBB or Don Davis'(DorkBotPDX) DorkBoard. It provides a well setup protyping area with plenty of ground and +5V busses for your projects.

BUT WAIT! There's more. The layout matches the Arduino(tm) boards and headers are provided so RBBB users can now directly use all the shield boards out there!

The minute pin differences between the DorkBoard and the RBBB are handled by two 3 pin jumpers. If you worked up a project using an RBBB, you can remove the RBBB board, switch jumpers and plug in a Dorkboard and need to make no other changes!

We are offering the RBBB/DorkBoard Protoyping/Breakout board in three forms

  • bare PCB
  • Basic Kit with all parts
  • Breadboard Kit with all of the Basic KIt plus a mini-breadboard and additional headers

  • We are also offering bundle prices with RBBB kits

RBBB Breakout Shield PCB (v3) only





RBBB Breakout Shield Basic Kit - kit includes RBBB/DB Proto Breakout v3 PCB, one complete set of socket headers for the RBBB (one each of 1x4, 1x9, 1x16), one complete set of headers to interface to Arduino(tm) shields (two each of 1x6 and 1x8), tw 1x3 pin headers and shunts for board type selection, assorted socket headers for GND and +5V busses 2 LEDs and associated resistors, bypass caps, reset button. BreadBoard is extra ... see below.





MiniBreadboard, top quality, standard .100" spacing, 17 rows of 5 hole and 5 holes, 170 total contact points, size is 1.8" L by 1.35" W, peel off adhesive on base. Can simply be added to Breakout Shield.




  RBBB/DorkBoard/Breakout Shield Kit Bundles Qty=1 Qty=3

RBBB Kit (with 1 amp low drop VR) and Breakout Shield Basic Kit


DorkBoard Kit and Breakout Shield Basic Kit



Hints, Glitches and Ideas for the RBBB/DorkBoard Breakout Shield

Slip the appropriate socket headers over the pins on the RBBB or the Dorkboard

Then insert tails of the socket headers into the board and solder, the RBBB/DB will hold the alignment.

The red shunts and 3 pin headers serve as board type selectors. As shown here the RBBB is selected by attaching each shunt to the two lowest pins of the 3. To select the DorkBoard instead, the shunts are moved to the two farthest pins. Follow the "RB" and "DB" labels of the PCB silkscreen.

The hole/solder pad, immediately below the red LED, is to connect that LED two whatever. This is located fairly close to Digital 13, whihc is very commonly used for an LED indicator.


There are two holes/solder pads immediately above the red LED. The left is to attach the LED to whatever, the right connects to the RESET line.

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