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PPLA - Propeller Platform Logic Analyzer



1st row: PPLA fully assembled - assembled PPLA side view showing stacking
headers - assembled PPLA stacked between a PP-USB and VGA-AV board
2nd row: Propalyzer screen - PCB layout - PPLA schematic

The PPLA is a Digital Logic Analyzer (DLA) specifcally for use with Propeller Platform processor modules. Through the use of stacking headers it maybe inserted between a Propeller Platform processor board and its application shield board. It is attached to a host computer that will monitor, record and then display the various digital lines.

  • compatible with any Propeller Platform board, original, PP-SD, PP_USB
  • Five pin programming header allows use of Wulfden P1 or the SerPlug RS232 adapters, as well as the Parallax PropPlug and the Wulfden/Modern Device BUB fpr USB connections
  • stacks between processor board and any of its attached shields
  • a 3.3 volt Digital Logic Analyzer
  • board runs at 100 MHz permitting 10 nanosecond sampling
  • does 28 channels (P0 to P27)
  • it can actually do 30 channels ... by removing the PPLA EEPROM and loading the PPLA firmware to RAM, the PPLA's P28/P29 is now available to monitor the Unit Under Test (UUT) P28/P29 or P30/P31. set with jumpers
  • kit is totally through hole parts. No special tools are needed
  • PPLA (Propalyzer) firmware is totally open source (MIT license)
  • PPLA (Propalyzer) firmware is ViewPort ready
  • Propalyzer software (host computer) is also totally open source (MIT license)
  • no power needed. PPLA draws from the UUT's processor board
  • jumpers to enable/disable Reset and Write to EEPROM
  • A zipfile containg the PPLA firmware and the Propalyzer software is here
  • more information and updates about the Propalyzer can be found here
  • This Propeller Platform module is a collaboration betweeen Steve Denson (Jazzed) and Brian Riley with some big time kibitzing by Nick, the Gadget Gangster, the godfather of "the Platform".

For those of you with a Basic Stamp background, think Basic Stamp Logic Analyzer (BSLA), except by comparison, the PPLA is running on high octane jet fuel ... and at a price less than BSLA was sold for at its End-of-Life. The PPLA has features and capabilties of DLA's costing 5 to 20 times the price of the PPLA.

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Propeller Platform Logic Analyzer Introduction and Tips

PPLA video from The Gadget Gangster on Vimeo.

Nick, at Gadget Gangster, has made a great introductory video on How-To use the PPLA. I highly recommend you spend the six to seven minutes or so to load and view this video. You may notice there some discrepancies beteen the web page and the video. It was made earlier in the design cycle. This web page is the most current information.

Pricing and Ordering

special introductory pricing there is 20 1 kit available at this price.

Propeller Platform Logic Analyzer (Basic)

Complete PPLA kit with PCB, Propeller chip, 24LC512 EEPROM, 6.25 MHz crystal, stacking connectors, etc. Does not include any serial programming adapter (see below)

$40 $36 + $4
Propeller Platform Logic Analyzer (RS232 PA)

Complete PPLA Basic kit with Wulfden's P1 RS232-to-TTL serial Programming Adapter

$44 $40 + $4
Propeller Platform Logic Analyzer

Complete PPLA Basic kit with Modern Device's BUB, USB-to-TTL serial Programming Adapter

$54 $50 + $4

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